2019 Volvo S60 Hybrid New Design

2019 Volvo S60 Hybrid New Design – Following the launch of the new-generation V60 wagon, Volvo introduced a redesigned version of the S60 sedan in June 2018. Essentially a shrunken S90 with mild tweaks on the outside, the new S60 comes to tackle the highly popular BMW 3 Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class with new technology and new drivetrains.

The first Volvo to be built in the United States, the S60 was unveiled during the inauguration of the company’s new South Carolina factory. It’s not only the first U.S.-built Volvo, but it’s also the brand’s first vehicle to be sold without a diesel engine. Although the Swedish company has some of the most efficient oil burners out there, its diesels will retire in a couple of years as Volvo wants to add electrification to all of its cars from 2019.

Exterior and Interior

Having already seen the V60 earlier in 2018, the exterior design of the S60 wasn’t much of a mystery. As previewed by the teasers and the spy shots, the two models are identical from the nose to the C-pillars and the S60 looks like a downsized S90. The latter is the flagship vehicle for Volvo’s new corporate look and needless to say, it looks both modern and appealing, even when compared to competition from Germany. The front fascia is a shrunken version of that found on the S90. It showcases the same “Thor’s hammer” headlamps and the big, rectangular grille, and a similar bumper layout with a three-piece outlet configuration and a trapezoidal opening in the middle. The smaller black inserts in the side intakes set it apart though, so it’s not an exact copy. The outlets are a tad larger on the sedan, and the surrounding trim is different two, with both details giving the S60 a much-needed sporty appearance to take against the BMW 3 Series.

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The interior of the S60 is also identical to the V60 for the most part, so it also sports the design cues and features seen in the larger S90. There are a few notable differences, but all the familiar details from the larger models are there, including the boxy dashboard, the vertically-oriented infotainment screen, and the wide center console with the offset gear shifter. As we’ve already seen in the V60, the dash sits a bit taller in the compact car, while the chrome trim is different, now descending at the corners to run below the slightly larger A/C vents. The revised door panels have new trim and armrests, while the handle is placed just under the window.

2019 Volvo S60 Hybrid Engine

With the diesels out of the way, the third vehicle in the lineup is the T8 hybrid. This drivetrain pairs the 2.0-liter four-cylinder, both turbocharged and supercharged, to an electric motor that spins the rear axle. The gas engine delivers 313 horsepower, while the electric motor adds 87 horses for a combined output of 400 horsepower. Unlike the V60, the S60 didn’t get the downtuned T6 hybrid drivetrain. An eight-speed automatic transmission routes to power to the wheels in all models. While the T5 is a front-wheel-driven car, the T6 and T8 get AWD as standard equipment.

Another big change compared to the V60 is the Polestar Engineered trim, a limited-edition model based on the T8 hybrid that gets upgrades to the engine control unit, suspension, and brakes. Output increases to 415 horsepower, an extra 15 horses compared to the standard T8.

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2019 Volvo S60 Hybrid Price and Release Date

Pricing for the S60 starts from $35,800 for the base T5 trim. Go with the T6 drivetrain with AWD and the sticker jumps to $40,300. The T8 hybrid is obvious the most expensive model, retailing from $54,400.

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